Monday, December 15, 2008

December TIF

The theme for this months' TIF' challenge (And no you've not missed November's - I just haven't got round to it - yet.) is generosity. I link generosity with giving, but not the easy giving of buying or sharing things easily afforded. Rather I see it as giving of the more precious commodities we have, for example at the moment giving of my time would be a generous act. Equally, parting with a special piece of fabric from my stash to a friend could be described as generous. There is no financial consequence here, but parting with something special and loved is a different thing altogether.

So to capture this as a JQ I've decided to use some of my more precious fabrics in a way that requires many different fabrics put together in a non-traditional method - beginning with the background layer of fabric squares and a glue stick!

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