Friday, January 02, 2009

2009 - Word of the Year

This year my word will be Explore - not dissimilar from Play but a little more purposeful I hope.
Again I can see myself using my word in different ways:
  • using my studio journal to explore variations on the ideas that come into my head. I frequently 'see' completed pieces - some of them come off, some don't. I'm not afraid to change the work as I go along, but what would happen if I explored the idea before I got to the fabric?
  • exploring my use of time as I change from a five day working week to a three day week. I'm sure that I'll slow down - from other people's experience that seems inevitable, but I want to explore different ways of working to maximise my 'studio' time.
  • exploring my environment. When you live in the same place for 35 years your eyes glaze over - I want to take myself into places I pass by, walk along roads I don't normally use. Not big stuff but enough to make me look!


The Idaho Beauty said...

Sounds terrific! Will look forward to exploring vicariously along with you.

Margaret Cooter said...

Exploring the environment - how about a little "project" based on Tom Phillips' 20 Sites N Years, taking a set number of pix a different times in the same sites - as they accumulate you start to notice the little changes.