Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Response to comment - copyright

In her comment about Squares 3 Hilary said"How can you put up an intriguing image like that and not say anything about it?! Where, what? Please.... "

Unfortunately I can provide little information about the image because I found it using a tool that searches Flickr for photos released under a Creative Commons license. I'm afraid that I'm getting rather boring about abuse of copyright, refusing photocopies of class handouts, only using images that I know I'm allowed to use - that kind of thing. Many people assume that because (technically) they can download images from the Internet, that they have the right to do so. But .......... have you ever noticed the text which says "Image may be subject to copyright." when you search for something using Google image search???????

There are several tools that can search for CC licensed work, Firefox has one and there's the intriguingly named but on selecting an imagine and exploring further under the "Additional Information" you often find that 'All rights are reserved' notice which means that you can't reproduce the image!.

I've started to use which routinely produces images which are available for re-publishing and also usually include 'derivatives allowed' which means you can 're-author' the photo in any way you like - providing you credit the original.

This is how I came across Squares 3. Sometimes if you click on the photographers name, you get more information about the image, but this is far from guaranteed. Now I'm off to make dinner so I'll leave you with this:

lunch by malias
Attribution License

as I wander off to make something which may help DH to lose some of the lb's re-gained over Christmas/New Year.

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