Friday, February 20, 2009

Journal quilts

This year's CQ Journal Quilt format is 6" x 12". It's taken me some time to adjust to these proportions but I think I'm getting there. Last year I used Sharon Bogon's Take it Further challenge as the theme, but as she has returned to her embroidery roots for this year's challenge, so that wasn't an option.

As I was pondering over the 2009 CQ- JQ I was drinking the most wonderful cup of coffee. It tasted the same as it smellled and had been made with my new Bialetti coffee maker. The basis of a theme was born! I'm not sure that every month will be coffee related, but it's nice to have a theme to fall back on if needed. January states the theme, February begins the exploration. Actually, Im surprised at how delicate February looks - this isn't what was in my mind at all, but letting go is good for me. Perhaps I have my word/phrase for 2009 already.

The fabrics are hand-dyed. The paler one was done using ...................... coffee!



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Mai-Britt Axelsen said...

Umm, they are both lovely..........