Tuesday, June 30, 2009

CQ Summer School - I'm still thinking

By far the most exciting activity at Summer School was the screen printing, but as I don't have a wet area to work in other than the kitchen sink, my explorations are fairly limited. I'm also very aware that, unlike some other techniques I've learned in the past, this is going to need a lot of experience to be a good way for me to colour fabric. I'm not sure whether the hit and miss results as I experiment will satisfy me, so do I commit time to exploring further or just be grateful that I had the experience? CQ Summer School - I'm still thinking!

But for posterity, some early attempts, all done on fabric roughly 12" x 12":

Torn paper as a resist

Acetate stencil as gelatin print

Acetate stencil used as screen print resist, fabric previously printed

Glue as a resist, on previously printed fabric

My favourite - a 'mopping up' from the one above!!!!

A second print with red paint pulling some of the black through the screen with it

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