Sunday, June 14, 2009

CQ Summer School Workshop

It's a couple of weeks since I went to the CQ Summer School at Alston Hall and did a workshop with Jette Clover, but I'm still mulling over the ideas that I picked up, few of which were directly related to the tools and techniques we used.

We printed, we stamped, we made our own screens for printing and used various items as a resist, we did gelatin printing and all the way through Jette subtly but insistently made us ask questions of ourselves.

Before dinner on the Saturday evening, having worked at a pace with messy materials, we were told to clear everything away ready for a sewing session after dinner. We each ended up with a twelfth section of a piece of fabric that each member of the group had created during the day. The challenge was to combine them, using hand stitching and little pre-meditation, into a single piece to display. Inevitably I was drawn to a grid format but the variety produced was amazing, even more amazing was the calm that stole across the room as we each became absorbed in the task at hand - it was wonderful.

It was pointed out to me, thanks Davina, that with a little re-arranging my piece would fulfill the size requirements for the CQ JQ challenge. The red bands were from the fabric scraps that we took with us, the quilting and cheesecloth were added later at home.


Sandra Wyman said...

Hey it came out really well - it started good but is now even better - love the cheesecloth!

Barbara Cheeseman said...

I'm fascinated by your squares collection. It's clever to spot them all!
And what a good idea, Jette getting people making something after all the painting etc. I do like your piece.
Thanks for blog comment.