Saturday, June 06, 2009

The ones that got away

I've not posted much lately and these are one of the reasons why.

This piece was made to demonstrate the stages of stitch and flip, using a grid. I thought that I'd try to be clever with my grid, using a strong contrast to illustrate the point. At each stage I thought I could counteract the dumpy nature of the beast - a little gem it isn't!

This piece is showing much paler than the real thing, but it illustrates the point well enough. I followed Judy Austin's free pattern on the Little Gem website, making a whole cloth quilt and rollering it with paint to age it. I enjoyed the quilting so much that I overdid it, with the result that there is little change in surface texture. It's been suggested that I could use it as a background for 'something' but nothing springs to mind!

1 comment:

magsramsay said...

More potato printing in a contrasting colour? The texture of the pianted quilting might show through in an interesting way