Thursday, August 06, 2009

CQ Journal Quilts

In the excitement of the Little gem project I've fallen behind with my JQ's for CQ. In doing so I was beginning to mutter and chunner to myself about the lunacy of narrowing myself down to a simplistic theme and just two basic colours. Over this last week I have, at different times, worked on two pieces both of which are unfinished but have the majority of the quilting in place. Because they started off so differently in my head I saw nothing in common between the two pieces, until I put themtogether on the table to photograph them. I suddenly realised just how much I like the effect of the quilting on both pieces. Then I came to upload the latest JQ and looked at that and the previous post - I think my sewing machine is trying to tell me something!!!

1 comment:

Margaret Cooter said...

You're certainly not the only one who's fallen behind....

"Two basic colours" allows the introduction of hints of a third colour by now?