Sunday, August 02, 2009

Doing what I can't already do ....

This piece is a result of 'turning up' and looking at a couple of the gelatin prints created as a reult of the CQ summer school and a lot of 'What ifs?'. Nothing on paper and nothing in my head and it shows, of course. Included but not necessarily clear from this picture, are image transfer using acrylic medium with both acetate and newsprint, stitching inspired by rain in a japanese woodprint, direct printing and phototransfer of a 'tag' seen too frequently around local shops.

Far too much for one piece, but for me a good exercise in stepping out of my comfort zone. Oh, and it's also Little gem sized but it won't be seeing the inside of the NEC!!

1 comment:

Sandra Wyman said...

Love this - can see why it won't see the inside of the NEC!