Monday, September 07, 2009

FOQ - Reflections 3

As each FOQ goes by I spend more time in the artists galleries and less amongst the competitive quilts. This year was no exception, including re-visiting and spending quiet time amongst the work of:

Yoshiko Jinzenji - no photos here, and not many on the web that do justice to the simplicity of this gallery, showing the work of her students using her own cloth.

Chungie Lee - again, more later, though I've a growing sense that in trying to capture how I felt about her class and her work I'll lose some of the magic she left me with.

Ingrid Press - Ingrid was happy for people to take photos and my only regret is that I didn't a shot of her gallery. As well as quilting Ingrid is a basketmaker and had several small pieces on display.

And finally a student exhibit from Taeyoun Kim, an MA student at Nottingham Trent.

The common theme for me was the 'simplicity' of these pieces, where placement is all important. I love the control that produces a sense of calm and it serves as a reminder to me that this is what I like to aim for in my own work. I enjoy new techniques, I like surface design, I'd love to be able to embellish with wild abandon but - this is where my heart lies.


indigocarole said...

Linda, less is more and so hard to do. I have some photos of Ingrid Press work. Let me know if you'd like them. She was so nice to talk to, very peaceful like her quilts. She also converted me to orange! I'm not surprised some of her work was sold. I'd have loved a piece.

Maggi said...

The simplicity of the pieces in Ingrid Press' gallery was inspiring. The only thing that stopped me buying one of her pieces was that the one that I rally wanted has already been sold. I think the galleries were particularly good this year.

TaeyounKim said...

Hello, Linda! I’m Taeyoun Kim. My work title is ‘Imagination Paused’ and my practice has developed from an interest in the notion of invisibility; how it exists within the visible. The main purpose of my work is to provide consumers and spectators with a kind of meditative time and space. My email address is and blog address is