Tuesday, September 29, 2009

A trip to York

I've just returned from a short week in York (Not a full seven days but longer than a long weekend!) during which I managed my first visit to St. Anthony's the Quilt Museum of the QGBI. There were two new exhibitions on - "'Seeing Red: The influence of Turkey Red Dye on Quiltmaking' - explores the use of Turkey Red dye to produce a vibrant and colourfast red fabric. The striking quilts on display are complimented by items of costume and beautiful fabric samples." and "'On the Edge in York', is a contemporary display from Edge - Textile Artists of Scotland, and features some beautiful pieces of textile art."

The turkey red exhibition was wonderful. Because of the cohesion of the exhibits created by the use of colour the impact as I entered the hall was amazing. I've seen pictures of the hall but hadn't realised just how tall the space is. The contempory exhibition of work by Scottish group Edge made a fitting contrast - I particularly like the work of Sue Jury but guess who had left the camera behind!

Whoever thought of opening the kitchen to QGBI members was a genius. It was an unexpectedly hot day - I'd walked across York from the railway museum, via the art gallery and was in serious need of the calm and a good cup of tea!

I've often heard people talk of the deli across the 'yard' from the museum and the quality of food they serve, but I'd not heard anything of the wonderful garden that has been created in the courtyard. Considering St. Anthony's is almost on the inner ring road, this garden was a little oasis of colour and quiet.

Whilst I was in the museum I bought a couple of badges from Sumptuosity - so yesterday when we took a walk around the bits of York we knew less well we made our way to Walmgate where Sumptuosity is based. This was a fun street with some interesting shops in it. It was great to meet Ruth the owner/creator at Sumptuosity and see her designs in the making and to learn something of her journey into running her business.

The exhibit I went to see at the art gallery finished this weekend. It featured the art of St. Ives and had pieces by the majority of artists associated with St. Ives. This was the first time I'd seen a Ben Nicholson relief 'in the flesh' and have even greater respect for his work. The other artist whose work I enjoyed was Wilhelmina Barns-Graham. I was first introduced to her work at the CQ summer school last year, but had more or less forgotten my interest. Now I really must follow this up!


carrie said...

I agree about the garden - I was talking to one of the gardeners when I was there in August. It isn't actually anything to do with the Museum, though, but it is the perfect complement

Sharne Gregory said...

Just to let you know I have started the on-line lino cutting course with Dijanne, just finished putting marks onto an A4 piece of lino that was divide into 9. Now off to print with it. Thank you for encouraging me to do the course.