Monday, January 04, 2010

Creative Cue Challenge - Week 1 East

I'm not sure how long I'll manage this but over the last week several websites/blogs have offered challenges. This one suits my purpose in that it demands no absolute commitment, but the open scope will hopefully help me focus on my intent to improve my design skills.

The challenge is described thus - "
Use the Creative Cue as a starting point for a sketch, art work, journal page, photograph, painting, etc. You can use any type of medium you prefer….pencil, chalk, paint, fabric, etc." more details can be seen on the Three Creative Studios blog here -

As this has to be manageable I'll be using the challenge word to search for a Creative Commons licensed photo from the web, which I'll then manipulate. I do need to find myself a list of design elements to work to before I go to far! So with no more ado - this weeks word is EAST:

The original photo is Storm brewing by renrut CC by License (Rye harbour on a stormy day)

And this is my take on it:

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Sharon said...

Wow! I like this! By manipulating, do you mean photo shop?