Thursday, January 14, 2010

Creative Cue Challenge Wk 2 - Heel 2

I said that I wanted to use the Creative Cues to work through some design elements as I know that my quilts lack variation - whether that be in tone, scale or interest. So I have taken the Heel cue to try to create something that has interest both from a distance and closer to. Using text seems to be an easy way to do this as I think most of us are drawn in when there are words to be read.

The text is taken from Wikipedia and describes the culture and impact of foot binding in China, which struck me as an interesting juxtapostion with a 7" heel that we 'sophisticated Westerners' might wear!

This is photo manipulation - removing an area from the shoe image to show the text below. It would have been much quicker to print off the text and the picture, cut out the shapes from the shoe and stick them together, but at least I learned quite a bit in the process!!!!


Vicki W said...

Very cool!

Margaret Cooter said...

Another quicker method would be to stick the text to the shoe and photograph that - of course this depends on having 7" heels in your shoe collection...