Saturday, July 10, 2010

Exhibitions ...

I don't get to many exhibitions but this week I managed two!

Men of Cloth until 4th Sep 2010 (Free)
Sale Waterside Arts centre

Described in the catalogue as a thought-provoking exhibition of textile art by six contemporary male artists - Michael Brennand-Wood, Gavin Fry, Matthew Harris, James Hunting, Colin Jenkins and Kazuhito Takadoi. I've only managed a quick glimpse so far and am a bit hesitant about endorsing the claim that the exhibition is 'thought -provoking' but perhaps a return visit will change that view. The exhibition is small but for me the works of Kazuhito Takadoi and James Hunting stood out over the rest.

Picasso: Peace and Freedom until 30 August 2010 (£10/£8)
Tate Liverpool

Whilst in Liverpool to see the excellent "Quilts in the City" exhibition, organised by Janet Keenan and friends we decided to visit the Picasso exhibition. The focus of the exhibition was Picasso as a political activist and I was surprised to see range of movements he supported, both as an individual and by making work available to womens and youth causes as well as the World peace Congress for which he is better known.
Of the works on display I liked best his simpler line drawings, but perhaps that is envy! To be able to capture a pose or a face with a few simple lines is a wonderful thing - Bacchanale and owl

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