Monday, August 30, 2010

What was I thinking about???

This seemed like a good idea at the time. I've been tidying up (Again!) and came across a bundle of fabric pieces approx 8" x 11" and approx rectangular. I'd won these pieces at a Quilters Guild Regional Day - I could have donated them to another raffle, I could have cut them into quarters, jumbled them round and sew them back together again, I could even have put them in the bin! But no, a little voice inside me said it would be fun to cut the pieces randomly and put them together again, and I believed that little voice!
So I've learned another form of prevarication - do something uselesss instead of getting on with things. I'm still mulling over my Elizabeth Barton class, I've a blog post in draft and an idea to explore the lessons I learned, and what am I doing - almost impossible fabric jigsaws!
The completed jigsaw will make a top roughly 24" x 30", the next step is to give it a tea bath, then I'll layer it and add some extra large white daisy style flowers to make a Linus quilt. (And that'll put off commiting to anything more serious for another couple of days!


Sandra Wyman said...

Me, I've been reading books and doing some traditional patchwork (very basic - lots of squares). I think it's allowable to do something else - it allows time for the thoughts and lessons to rearrange themselves into usable form...

Linda B. said...

You're right Sandra - I suspect I was using different bits of my brain (Brain - wot brain??) when I was doing my 'jigsaw'!