Wednesday, January 26, 2011

What if ....

... one or other of you have had a cold since Christmas?

... you are getting to grips with a new sewing machine?

... you have the excitement (and trepidation) of being invited to join an on-line exhibiting group? (You can see previous challenges here - - just take a look at the red sub-titles)

... being a starter not a finisher, you are planning out the next twelve months JQ's?

The answer to these what if's is that the 'What if' project stalls, even though I really don't want it to. Usually, once I've started something new the previous project can idle it's time quite comfortably waiting for me to return, but not this time. I want to get on with the  'What if's' . I'm just hoping that my need to get back to them will keep me motoring along with all the other pieces that need making!

This image which is the result of a search for 'optimism' is "Bl├║mchen" Flowers from below... Uploaded by Dr_ernst on

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