Thursday, February 03, 2011

Contemporary Quilt 2011 JQ Challenge

This year's challenge is to be 10" x 10", no problem there - we've had a square challenge before, but there is now an additional twist. There are three themes which are to feature for four months each - circles, text and buttons.

Having been inspired by the sketchbooks of another, non-blogging, CQ member I started the year working in a sketchbook on Anglo Saxon designs, thinking that the research would act as a basis for my JQ's. When I read about the themes I thought again - but after much deliberation I've decided to go for it. My normal response to the idea of circles would be to break them up, or hide them - anything to make the shape more subtle, but I love the designs on many saxon coins, so I'm starting off with big and bold instead. I'm going to use Angie Hughes sweet wrapper technique which I've done no more than dabble with before. Only time will tell whether my subject matter is lacking in detail for this technique.

As I'm still in the early stages, take a look at the lovely ideas of fellow CQ members Hilary and Margaret .

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