Tuesday, March 01, 2011

I had a deadline to meet ....

... no matter that I've know about it for three months I still manage to leave things to the last minute! This quilt is my submission for the 12bythe dozen challenge 'Structure'.

I started by making small pieces of fabric from scraps, covered with organza which was machine machine embroidered to hold them together.

Then I worked on the quilt sandwich - the backing fabric which had the design drawn on to it, then the wadding and then a layer of artificial silk. Placing each piece of 'fabric' very carefully I stitched each nautilus through the quilt sandwich.

Finally I cut away each chamber with a soldering iron. the only problem here, was that the organza fabric was immediately underneath the artificial silk and had a strong tendency to hug the soldering iron as I worked on the top layer!!!!!!

I was fairly happy with the end result, but I'm amazed at the variety of interpretations that the other members of 12bythe dozen came up with.


The Idaho Beauty said...

This is fabulous! Such a different interpretation than the others in the group. Well done!

Diane Perin said...

This is so beautiful, Linda!