Tuesday, May 10, 2011

CQ JQ's April and May

Whilst I have enjoyed my ramble through Anglo Saxon artifacts, extracting and playing with design elements from jewellery, manuscripts church etc. these stopped when I came upon some B & W photos of archaeological digs. I'm not that interested in archeology but the ground patterns that result from the lives of previous generations fascinate me. So here is April:

The rectangular ground patterns at Crickley Hill fort asked to be captured, but how? In the end I soaked tissue paper squares in coffee then laminated them to the fabric. The post marks were burned or stitched.

May is very loosely  based on Windmill Hill and was an attempt at printing on the tissue before gluing it to the fabric. Whilst this looks less like an afterthought than appears in the photo (I found it difficult to get the camera to accept the difference in the reflection of the fabric and the paper.) I need to work on this further, possibly with a matt medium.


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