Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Occasional Jottings?

You can't say that I'm not living up to the name of my blog! I can't remember how the name came to be but it has certainly been prophetic!

oc·ca·sion·al  [uh-key-zhuh-nl] 

adjective 1. occurring or appearing at irregular or infrequent intervals; occurring now and then

In late September I started the Kemshall's new Creative Sketchbooks Course  and am following their reasonable request not to blog about the course activities.   I am hooked on learning about the (New to me.) drawing and painting materials used in the course. It's been a steep learning curve, my drawing is improving with practise and I'm getting to grips with things like my Inktense pencils. It was strange to discover that although I could use these on fabric to shade and correct mistakes, but drawing with them was a different matter entirely.
All this means that the sewing machine is sitting  almost totally neglected and I am without work to post to the blog!

Next week I'm off to Grasmere with Gillian Travis again, but this time Gillian will be teaching, rather than us doing our own work. Lets hope I'm pleased enough with the results to want to make the next post a little less 'Occasional'!


Sandra Wyman said...

Have a good week - wish I could be going! AZll the best to Gillian and everyone else too!

Jackie said...

Thanks for the info about the quilt. I'll upddate my blog.
We both seem to be 'occasional' these days! Time flies.
Enjoy Keswick.