Friday, October 12, 2012

A change is as good as a rest

I am still between projects, the latest bit of prevarication is waiting to go on a workshop with Lisa Walton, as her Crystalisation style of piecing looks as though it could be what is in my head.

So, feeling the need to sew without wanting to disruptmy organised and tidy sewing room too much I decided to go back to the machine embroidery hat I learned with Linda Miller a couple of years ago. This bird started life as a copy of one created from painted papers but it has developed a character of its own. It may even need a name:


Unknown said...

Just awesome work. I will try this in my home.
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Rose Leo said...

Nice to see this. I found some excellent fabrics from Spandex Collection in NYC near me which was a nice weight, not too beefy.
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