Friday, May 03, 2013

Changing Horizons

Some time ago CQ announced it's latest challenge for members. The shape is distinctive - 150cm x 50 cm in portrait format and the title is Horizons. The shape didn't put me off but the title did - I don't really do figurative work and I couldn't get beyond the idea of a literal horizon.  Also, since doing the workshop with Lisa Call earlier this year I've been thinking a lot about only doing work for me and not for external factors unless they fit with what I'm up to at the time.

But .... (I bet you heard that coming from miles away!) yesterday a website went live making it easier for cq members to record both submissions and intentions to enter - In looking at the site I reviewed the entry requirements which in turn led to me to googling the word Horizon, mainly looking for alternative definitions.  And I looked, and I saw - "horizons - the scope of a person's interest, education, understanding, etc." and I thought about how your personal horizons change (Or can be made to change.) and an idea for a quilt popped into my head, says she who believes that she can't use wordsas a source of inspiration!

So how have your horizons changed? Was it serendipity or have you worked to make them change?

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