Friday, July 19, 2013

Not happy with myself

Some time ago I made a piece for our newly formed 'etcetera' group. As ever it was finished against a deadline and I always considered the quilting to be a temporary measure before I could do something more considered before entering it for Festival of Quilts.

When the quilt returned home I hung it and looked at it and considered it and time vanished. (Mostly, it seems, spent looking for an out fit for my son's forthcoming wedding that wasn't frills, lace or organza!!!) Now I'm about to pack up the said quilt and I'm cross that this piece is going to FoQ with makeshift quilting on it.

Must do better.

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Sandra Wyman said...

Stop whipping yourself Linda - it's an amazing quilt. I seem to remember you weren't happy with last year's quilt - and look what happened