Saturday, August 03, 2013

What next?

I'm still thinking about the Transitions theme, begun with my new group, I'm becoming more and more inclined to base my quilts on those stages of adulthood we didn't anticipate in our youth. Or even those stages that we didn't recognise for what they were at the time, in our youth.

I've started to jot down snatches of conversation overheard, mainly on public transport - 'Did you take your pills?', 'Will he notice me in this?'. (It was neon pink, whatever the garment was, I'm sure 'he' would notice, but whether it would detract or deter who can tell?) I have a whim to translate these sayings into a series of pieces depicting the different stages we go through as we 'grow up'.....

Do Something Nice for Your Landlord, Bernal Heights by Thomas Hawk
Attribution-NonCommercial License

And yes, there was a time when we painted three walls of our first flat burnt orange, and the forth wall red ... ah well, we only have one red wall now that we're both 'pensioners'!

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Sandra Wyman said...

\we had three burnt orange and one chocolate brown (but not for long!)
Looks like a fruitful direction to go in, Linda. See you at FOQ