Thursday, February 11, 2016

CQ Journal Quilts

I've made Journal Quilts each year for the last eight years but when I saw this year's additional challenge I seriously considered having a year off!
"Each month you are required to include an area not less than ½” square of a set colour within the quilt. For January to April you are asked to include a little bit of purple. For May to August you are asked to include a little bit of green. For September to December you are asked to include a little bit of orange."
These are the colours that I'm least comfortable with and as I've begun to use my JQ's to experiment with different techniques throwing new colours into the mix felt like a step too far.
But the penny dropped at a recent NW CQ meeting where a fellow member said that she has been combining her JQ's with the NWCQ group's theme, which this year happens to be pattern.
So, no technical challenge this year. My challenge will be to find an appropriate pattern and complete the JQ within that calendar month, something I've not done for several years and to have fun in the process. 2016 JQ's will be my downtime! To go with the un-appealling colours I've chosen a wacky palette which I'll use for as long as my eyes can stand it.
Judy Fairless led a pattern making session at NWCQ and peppers featured heavily. So here is January 2016 featuring my seedless pepper! (I might still knock those background colours back a bit.)

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Looks fab Linda