Friday, June 30, 2017

This week I have mostly been ...

buildings habits. Other than Monday when I wasn't  at home I've managed 2.5 - 3 hours each day in my workroom. I was a bit concerned that my output hasn't increased but then I realised that a lot of that time has been about reclaiming the space. I'm gradually sifting through and getting rid of remnants from old projects and different ways of working. Did I really need that jar of pre-mixed Brusho that's been on the shelf for as long as I can remember? No? It went out, though not before I'd coloured a couple of sketchbook pages with some of it. But all the time I have some fabrics on my table that are gradually shifting into something else, but it's early days.
  • Day 16 – 30 mins, hand stitching and breathing
  • Day 17 –  2.5 hours
  • Day 18 – 3 hours
  • Day 19 – 2.5 hours
  • Day 20 – 3 hours
I also managed to slot in a visit to the Lucienne Day exhibit at the Whitworth before it closes next month. I'd expected something larger but it was interesting to see the range of her work.  A couple of the galleries were closed but I did appreciate the Beyond Borders exhibit. I loved the colour and proportions in this textile:

And of course there was a quilt:

Thanks Leah for starting me on this - I'm enjoying myself. Accountability rules!

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