Wednesday, August 31, 2005

And now for something completely different...

Seven go to India © Linda Bilsborrow

I belong to a Round Robin group and this is the second piece that I have made. The first was a traditional border quilt but we knew that was just a beginning.
For this Round Robin we chose a theme and provided a core fabric plus a first block. My theme was 'Colours of India', the core fabric was black and I made the gold elephant on the pink background at the bottom of the hanging. Each member made a block on that theme, the only rule being the maximum block size. Obviously the challenge was in putting the blocks together. There are only seven of us in the group so you can see how many extra pieces I made to make it all fit. The finished group are being entered into Harrogate this year to support the exhibition.

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Lisa said...

How terrific! I especially like the tassels :-)