Sunday, September 04, 2005

Festival Of Quilts 2005

This is the piece that I entered into the Small Contemporary Section, it is approx 1m square.

© Linda Bilsborrow

Called 'Hemmed In 3' it, and 'Hemmed In 2' are the only quilts with an origin that is not colour or pattern based. Each small (10cm) square represents an element of my life, that has either constrained me or come about as a result of some form of constraint. Hence the title. I'm amazed to be able to say that I feel different since it's completion. I've think I felt, if I've bothered to think about it, that emotion through art was a waffley, airy fairy thing, not for me. But I seem to have proved my self wrong! Each piece has an object stitched into it either literally or as a quilting pattern. One example:

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