Sunday, December 18, 2005

Tagged -20 things about me

Too long ago I was tagged by Felicity to write 20 things about myself - I bet you'd given up on me but here they are:

20 things
  1. I was born in Liverpool in the 50’s
  2. I had ‘sun-ray’ treatment as a child, but have never been able to find out anything about it.
  3. I ‘always’ wanted to be a teacher
  4. I trained as a teacher and in spite of some monotonous years still enjoy it when I get in front of a class.
  5. My ‘favourite’ artist changes frequently.
  6. In the late 70’s we bought a bbc b computer for fear of ‘being left behind’! I’ve never been without since.
  7. I now work in IT in education – but get frustrated with my mobile and the video (don’t even own a dvd player)
  8. I spend too much time at the computer, but hardly any watching TV so maybe it balances itself out.
  9. I love Mars Bars
  10. I can’t put a label on my place in the quilt world – I’m not traditional but neither am I innovative.
  11. I love the juxtaposition of shape and colour
  12. I spend hours auditioning placements and love the effect of negative space.
  13. I didn’t know about negative space until I began the design element of C & G.
  14. I didn’t understand the design element of C & G till I’d nearly finished. Then I wanted to go back and start all over.
  15. I didn’t do C & G patchwork as it was at the time. I learned so much doing the design element that I’d moved on!
  16. I can lose myself in baroque music.
  17. I think I might be a bit of a control freak – but how do I know whether other people see me like that. That would be the only time it matters.
  18. I’ve only had one holiday outside the UK – there are so many great places to see here.
  19. But there are great places in other parts of the world too. As I get older I think I need to go visit some of them!
  20. My favourite museum is the V & A –

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Felicity Grace said...

Hurray, she's done it! I share number 8 with you! Not putting a label on your work is a good thing isn't it? Interesting list, thanks for posting Linda!