Sunday, December 04, 2005

Occupational Therapy

In the scale of things my husband's hip op. is a very minor, short lived event, one which takes us forward and will make his life so much better. So it seems churlish to remark on the impact it has had on me, but it has left me feeling tired and frazzled and even now I've had difficulty gaining any sense of calm. I arrived at this weekend feeling that I had much too much to do and yet only could list the normal domestic activities that are slotted in between the workday weeks.
In need of a break from the domesticity (yuk, yuk) I sat down to make some Christmas cards, (see blog below). I'd made one previously and had all the bits to hand, I put on an old much loved CD 'Brothers in Arms' and instead of making one more card I completed the set of six that I wanted from this design. The rhythm of the card making and the absence of any decision making other than that of placement, which I really enjoy, totally absorbed me. I have no idea how long I spent, and can't work it out other than that it was less than an hour, but I came away from that session feeling completely different. Whether it was the music, the mindlessness or having something concrete as a result I can't say - but occupational therapy it truly was!


Olga Norris said...

There's nothing quite like being creative!

Jen said...

Hi Linda,
There is no cure for feeling frazzled than to lose yourself in making something. Your design is great and hopefully the doing of it has helped with all the other stresses. I know that when I am feeling really antsy about something then doing something creative will help calm me down and I have the bonus of feeling like I have achieved something as well.