Monday, February 06, 2006

All blogged out?`

Or perhaps I've spent too much time chasing deadlines, either way I've come to a point where the ideas aren't happening. It used to worry me, but I know now that the best thing I can do is a little bit of tidying up, some fabric re-arranging and just general downtime before things pick up again. A been there, done that experience.

In the meantime this photo is from one of my favourite image sites - (actually from Ian Britton's blog). The Angel of the North never fails to impress me, when it was first erected I wasn't aware of the work of Anthony Gormley and wasn't certain whether I liked this piece or not. Until I saw it in the flesh - it is monumental and seems to rise from the ground as you drive towards it. It never fails to make the hairs on my neck stand up.

Talking about things monumental. I'm far too literal a person - I always think of Monumental Masons, as being giants with tiny stone chisels in their hands.

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