Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Something different

I seem to have developed an interest in primitive graphics. A while ago I sketched a bird motif I found in a book about ancient 'african' symbols. How I wish I had recorded what information there was about the graphic, Africa is one big continent!

Then last month I used an image I saw on a piece of 'African' cloth as the basis for one of the PC's for the swap I was doing and there are a lot more similar trees in my head.

It's what to do with them that's the problem!


jenclair said...

This tree is charming. Also love the little bird, but the tree is so neat!

Felicity Grace said...

These simple little things can have a real impact in fabric. Love that little tree. Perhaps exploring these 'simple' designs can help you get back into the swing of it again?

artmixter said...

Quilt 'em. How hard can it be?

Cindra said...

Love the simple designs... color adds so much to the total look.