Sunday, February 19, 2006

I did some stitching!

Actually, there is rarely a day goes by without me doing some stitching, but my time is limited and it moves me on so little that there is nothing significant to show.

Today I played about with a sample based on Yvonne Brown's workshop in the January edition of Quilting Arts. I saw Yvonne demonstrating at Festival of Quilts last year and loved her work. I hadn't then realised that a lot of her pieces are backed by tissue paper on various grounds - this is an element of working with paper that I really enjoy but hadn't thought to even try to replicate in fabric. It has been a bit of a 'doh' moment to think that I could have been incorporating the two in this way. I need not to be going back to work tomorrow so that I can do some playing with a bit more of me in designs!

approximately12cm x 9cm

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