Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Distracted again.

This time it's a challenge being held by Region 13 - to interpret one of the Guild's Sandie Lush patterns any way you want. To me it was obvious that I have neither the time nor the skill to approach this in a traditional way and no other alternative popped into my head - until I got my soldering iron!!! A quick burning/melting test session on a piece of white organza and I had my answer - a simple stitched white outline with elements of the design burned away. A contemporary take on cutwork if you like, should be easy I thought at the weekend.

Last night I revisited my chosen design and, typically, spent most of the evening trying to decide which elements to cut away. I have to make the decision now because my second alternative means manipulating the design slightly.

So I spent most of the evening scanning, cutting out and manipulating in Coreldraw to get the two images below. Have I now decided which version to use? Not really - I like the one that reminds me of cutting out snowflakes at school, but the version with less cut out maintains the integrity of the original.


smarcoux said...

very nice indeed ... and also like the Yvonne Brown technique too. She came to do a workshop with us ... fantastic to put all the techniques together .

Keep on stitching

Elle said...

I looking forward to seeing how this turns out!