Wednesday, May 24, 2006

er, what exactly IS printers foil?

Good question Margaret - er, it's foil and printers use it! :-}

The serious answer is that printers use it in a hot foil process for cards and embossing diaries etc. - but beyond that I haven't a clue!

The foil colour sits underneath a clear plastic sheet and you can adhere it to fabric using bondaweb or glue, pva doesn't work well but the recommended product is Jones Tones Plexi clear glue. Strangely enough if you heat pva in the oven then lay some foil on it as it cools the heat adheres the foil to the pva. The finished piece is a bit brittle but is suitable for wall hangings.

I've seen it at the shows but the best web reference I can find is

For the leaves i cut out shapes from bondaweb that is coming to the end of its days and just touched the foil against it with an iron. The combination of dying foil and a light iron means incomplete coverage with one colour, so that you can get a second colour to stick in the spaces!

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