Tuesday, May 23, 2006

My Ladies

A while ago I posted the first in a group of postcards on a vintage theme. I've enjoyed the hand stitching on these cards - the work has been at an appropriate scale for the time I have available. Here are the others that I made:

I don't like what Blogger has done to the images and have given up trying to regain the clarity of the originals but what is more interesting to me is the lesson I have learned.

I've said before that I enjoy creating new fabric by combining pieces of close coloured smaller pieces in a variety of ways. What I have learned from the lady on the right is that the real enjoyment is not in creating the new fabric, but in changing the apparent colour of the whole piece by adding to the original.

The leaves in the border are three colours of printers foil stitched in place with a bronze thread and at intervals I've added a limited number (because I don't possess too many - at the moment!) of beads and sequins in the same bronze through to purple colour range.


margaret said...

The printers foil works a treat -- er, what exactly IS printers foil?

Anne Wigfull said...

Brilliant, Linda. I want one!!

Linda B. said...

Only took two months to make Anne, give me another month and I might have them stuck to the postcards.....