Monday, July 30, 2007

Learning by doing .....

aka finding out the hard way! I'm still working on a quilting pattern for my Floating Stars top, and yes I DO spend far too long thinking about things. Thanks to Angelika who sent me a photo of one of her quilts I came up with this:

I couldn't quite replicate Angelika's design but this came out of the end of my pencil like it was meant to be! Still in cautious mode I put together some blocks that have been lying around forever and layered them, then drew the design on the back as I wanted the pattern to be quite open and normally tend to work my FMQ fairly close. I couldn't follow the lines, I'd made the mistajke of using an oddment of 2oz poly and the machine wasn't biting into the sandwich somehow. I tried again with the feed dogs down with greater success, but now I realise that I don't like this open pattern as much as I thought that I would, and it would be virtually impossible to manage even a small top with the feed dogs down!!!!

The handy stress relief apple gives you some idea of the scale of the original sketch and the finished quilting.

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