Thursday, August 09, 2007

Sample pieces

These are the sample pieces that I've been working on, the top piece is some bits that I've put together so that I could copy the quilting, so the 'design' is my own!
You can see the back of one of the pieces, which shows that I've documented where I sourced the idea, plus what has been directly copied and which bits are my own. Most of the pieces were backed with white offcuts but for some reason, on the one that you can see, I used an oddball remnant of a blue flowery fabric, so I painted over it with white emulsion. Another coat and it would have covered completely!!!

1 comment:

Anne Wigfull said...

I like the top piece, Linda. (I'm sure I would like the others too if I could see them)Are you planning on developing this one into something bigger or will they remain as quilting test pieces?