Saturday, August 11, 2007

Dale Chihuly / Botany photo of the day

This Psittacanthus wasThursday's photo on

I was immediately reminded of Dale Chihuly, whose work I initially saw at the V & A and took an instant dislike to. But after time and further exposure, notably at Kew, I have developed a respect for what he does. I guess that's what education is about.

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The Idaho Beauty said...

My problem with Chihuly stems from listening to stories told by a co-worker who had gone to high school with him. Yes, there was a tinge of sour grapes about her, but I could never look at his work without remembering her opinion of his "unworthiness" to garner such fame! Plus, I couldn't see anything too original in his early pieces - the fluted-edged bowls. But he is everywhere, it seems, and like you, I have to admit a grudging appreciation & respect for some of his later installations and visions.