Monday, August 20, 2007

Reflections on FOQ 2007

Except that I aways think that reflections are considered thoughts - I'm still at the jumbled stage, but if I don't record something now, a lot will be lost. Even going through my photo's and (modest number of) purchases haven't provided a focus for my thoughts.

At the moment I can recall very little of the entries in the various quilt categories, except that it struck me that the overall standard was higher than I remember from two years ago. Someone suggested that people might be self selecting which, if this is the case, will serve to raise standards even more. There were some very interesting/appealing pieces in every category.

As for trends I saw a lot more screen printing and random mark making than I think I've seen before, and I've yet to learn to like the latter!

Most of my time was spent visiting and re-visiting the some of the exhibitors stands:

Bob Adams - whose work I hadn't heard of before, but who achieved amazing effects using discharge effects combined with stitch. You can see an example of the outcome of his masterclass on Margaret's blog.

Erica Carter - the work she had on display was very calming, there was an element of control to her work that really appealed to me.

Jo Budd - one of my favourite textile artists from way back, her work just seems to get better and better.

The Bosna Quilt Workshop - new to me, this is the inspiration of an Austrian artist, Lucia Feinig-Giesinger who has designed the pieces to be worked on by Bosnian women refugees when they were living in Vorarlberg. The project now continues in Bosnia.

If I could have brought any of the pieces home with me it would have been something from the Bosna Quilt Workshop, much as I would like to have a piece by Jo Budd I haven't the wall space to do her work justice!

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artmixter said...

And what's wrong with random mark making :-)))?? Some of us are making a life's work out of it...