Tuesday, August 21, 2007

A special birthday

Not mine but my husband's, he is sixty today. I rarely write about the domestic but something struck me last night which I need to record. He has become increasingly agitated by statements about people living longer, always countering them with reports of people who have died in their fifties which I'm none to keen to dwell on.

Both his parents died age seventy where as my parents are still alive and in their mid- and late- eighties. What I worked out last night was that if we inherit our parents death patterns I could have another thirty years whereas my husband is facing just ten - good reason for his becoming agitated about predicted life outcomes. My in-laws were heavy smokers and worked long and hard throughout their lives which no doubt contributed to their deaths, but it has given me food for thought. This isn't about being morbid, just finding a different way of seeing things.


Anne Wigfull said...

Thanks for that thought, Linda. I shall endeavour not to dwell on it as the big 70 looms :}

Featheronawire Sally Bramald said...

It's a man thing. My Voldemort even found a site where you could predict your demise. Fine if you want to do your own, but he did mine too!