Saturday, January 12, 2008

Bag challenge

Further to my lunacy post I seem not to have mentioned that I also joined up to the BQL bag challenge. BQL was the first yahoogroup I joined, in 1999, and although I don't contribute as often as I once did I'm still a strong supporter!

The challenge is the first I've come across set up so that you don't have to participate every month. When you join you are sent a bag pattern, when you complete the bag you post a picture in the folder for that month and you are sent the next month' s pattern. So if I don't finish a challenge in any one month I can submit the next!

The pattern's are restricted to bql members but a blog has been set up to store each month's images here:

My January bag:


sharon young said...

Hi Linda
What a great bag, you could never be miserable with that little chap grinning at you, could you :-)
And, what a bonus, it's highly practical too!

Lynne said...

There are some wonderful bags on the challenge, but I think this one is my favourite - I love it!