Sunday, January 13, 2008


One of the things I'm trying NOT to do with this 'Take it forward challenge' is overplan. So I've got most of the pieces in place and begun to think about the stitching. I've trialled the three ideas that I thought I might use (all of which involve some FM stitching on the folwers) and none of them look right. The design is so simple and elegant (not mine you realise) that the stitching looks crude. Beads? If so, where?

I'm planning to move away from the colour scheme to add some warmth - perhaps some heat cut organza centres for the flowers in yellow/orange / gold?

Please can I go back to planning it out completely??????????????


sharon young said...

Hi Linda
What you've done so far looks beautiful, very subtle and light. I'm no expert in this stage as it's always where I get stuck , but have you thought of some delicate hand stitching particularly in the darker areas, to give a bit of texture, maybe with a silk thread so it reflects, It's such a delicate piece I can see how FME could kill it.
Good luck!

embexelli said...

Thank you Linda...I think Im going to like this!