Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Turnips* - or when a cunning plan falls apart

When I signed up for the TIF challenge, I had it in mind that I would also take part in the QGBI's Contemporary Quilt group's journal quilt challenge. So I made sure that my TIF piece was A4 sized, I've also got another couple of pieces of that size which haven't seen the light - just in case I fell behind. But I think somebody knew, because somebody has decided that this year's challenge won't be A4 it will be 12" x 12". There's a new challenge then .......

* Turnips

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The Idaho Beauty said...

I'm seeing more and more challenges in the 12 x 12 format. Who started this? Is it a good idea? In some respects it is easier to work with than the dimensions of a page. I was thinking of going that route with my journal quilts this year.