Sunday, February 10, 2008

February bag challenge

Doing these two challenges side by side seems to be working at the moment - following a pattern (the bag challenge) gives me something to do whilst thinking about the TIF challenge. That's not to say that the bag is created without consideration. This month's bag pattern was pretty straightforward in terms of construction but was embroidered and had 3D hearts attached. I couldn't do the hearts - just not me, though if I'd thought to make the bag in black with red satin hearts as someone did I'd have considered it, briefly! So I went for something completely different - on the basis that I found the flower templates whilst doing a bit of sorting out!

I just wish that I could put my finger on what I want to do for the TIF challenge. I've lots of ideas, have even got as far as trialling and rejecting a couple but I can't quite work out how to capture the ideas in my head. Even the map idea isn't knew - Margaret sent this link to CQ today......


sharon young said...

Hi Linda
Great bag, it brought a smile of pure delight to my face when i saw it. I love the flowers, the look wonderfully cheerful,and it's just a bit retro too!! Very Now LOL

Unknown said...

lovely bag, the design really works well with the shape. Thanks for commenting on my blog - I often wish I could remember more. I hope your ideas fall into place soon, I love the map concept and don't think it matters at all that it's not new - I'm not sure anything is - it's your approach to it that matters

Barbara Hagerty said...

I loved reading your post. I'm not stuck on the concept for Feb.'s TIF, but I am stuck on design, so I sympathize.

The bag is so beautifully cheerful! It just screams "spring"! I love it!