Monday, February 04, 2008

NOT the road less travelled

As I start to think about what I remember of my early childhood for the TIF challenge, one of the things that has struck me is my sense of place. From observing where a lorry regularly parked on our suburban road, through the walk from Grandmother's house to bustop to my own sense of place in different groups, I seem to have an almost impartial observer's view on things. This all suggests to me that my interpretation of this month's theme could take the form of a map, which in turn could reflect how I got where I am now. I've never chosen the road less travelled and in fact have not made many significant choices at all, preferring to 'go with the flow' - though I haven't been above manipulating the direction of that flow, on occasions!

What I can't work out is how the map idea will translate itself into a visual image.....


indigocarole said...

Linda, you must be psychic. There is an exhibition at the MG in the craft and design space, on mapping. Pauline Burbidge has a quilt and there is a dress made from old maps. It's not very big, ie not worth making a special journey, but if you are in Sheffield, take a look. It says it's on till "Spring 2008" whenever that might be.


magsramsay said...

An interesting concept - like an aerial view of your life. I know what you mean about going with the flow - most of my life choices have been what's easiest and making the most of opportunities rather than having a Grand Plan. Perhaps it's to do with living for the moment?

sharon young said...

Hi Linda
What an interesting interpretation of the TIF challenge.
I think I've probably spent my whole life doing exactly the opposite! Bucking the trend and consequently always finding myself in an uncomfortable position. I suppose it comes from my Father who had an obsession with being different, and always drummed it into me, 'don't follow the heard'. But as i get older i'm beginning to think why not? It's a lot more comfortable there!
Maybe you could do a mind map with pictures as well as words! Just a thought.