Sunday, February 03, 2008

What are you old enough to remember?

The wording of the TIF challenge is quite interesting - it sounds as though the older you are the more you'll remember, but I'm not sure that that is true! I've been surprised to discover how little I remember as opposed to things I associate with photograph's from the past. A psychiatrist's delight perhaps? I don't thibk so, there are no skeletons in this cupboard but it has left me wondering what age people do have memories of.

As far as the challenge is concerned the difficult part will be avoiding the obvious collage of images and representations. I'm thinking layers of pattern and pictures at the moment but can't quite see how it will all work out - it's a good job that February is a bit longer this year!

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The Idaho Beauty said...

You have zeroed in on exactly what is hanging me up about the challenge key concepts. I can't see past the obvious of reproducing images/photos. Can't think of a creative or innovative way to express these ideas.

I rather like the color palette for February - it looks so much like colors from our Civil War era - mid-19th century.

I have tagged you, my dear. I hope you don't mind. Blame Wil.