Friday, October 24, 2008

Experimenting again!

At FOQ I did a short session with Annette Morgan where she demonstrated some of her Glitzy techniques. it's taken me a while to get round to playing with the ideas and my result (As intended) is far from the Glitzy look demonstrated.

The background, though you can't see it, is an un-loved wallhanging made for a group challenge. This has been layered with a variety of off-cuts and then several layers of black organza. The organze was stitching then burned into with a soldering iron.

Because there are several layers of organza and quite a lot of burning it has lost its' sheen and developed quite a harsh feel, which I rather like. The piece is actually rather darker than this, with the background fabrics merging more than appears here.

1 comment:

margaret said...

Ah, reuse of the unloved items - very canny! Stitched and burnt organza is going on my playlist...