Sunday, October 24, 2010

October JQ - Tuareg crosses

This was interesting, starting as it did at a meeting of  NW members of the Contemporary Quilt group. Magie Relph brought along a collection of Tuareg crosses and associated books and materials, which were the basis for sketching -

The sketches from that day provided the inspiration for this:

The fun part came from letting go, adding a bit here, adding a bit there and changing the colours that didn't work. (And don't believe the photo - the "treasure pewter" wreaked havoc with the camera settings which I haven't been able to over-ride or correct.).
I'm beginning to wonder how much my work ethic of 'staying focussed' has affected my quilting.  I've often found difficulty in 'playing', as recommended by several well known quilters. Play has always seemed rather pointless without a clear goal in mind!
But that is just how this JQ came about - there was a plan but there was no route map, and getting to the end was both playful and fun. All I need to do now is to have the camera to hand as alternatives are trialled, discarded or added!


magsramsay said...

I've just been reading an article in Saturday's Guardian in response to a parent concerned that her daughter wouldn't play on her own.It's much easier to do it in company or to have some gentle guidance!

Sandra Wyman said...

So good to see the finished piece after having been in at the beginning so to speak! And glad you played - well worth it!

Digitalgran said...

It worked out well fro you Linda. I'm a great believer in play, but it took a while for it to sink in that it was OK to play and have found that playing has done far more to develop my art than the careful planning in a previous life.