Friday, December 17, 2010

What if - 4

What if I used straight (still freehand) cuts?

These pieces were made using more of the unwanted pinks from my charm square collection that I gathered a lifetime ago:

This basic cut is a close cousin to many planned and measured blocks with obvious outcomes:

But what if I added some more blocks and some more cuts:

This is getting more like it; but I think that, like gardeners, I'd be happier with the results if I began with an odd number of fabrics. It's also clear that I need to consider which cuts will fit best with the design in mind, this piece is predominantly horizontal as intended but has that strong vertical seam which is more dominant than I thought it could be.

I'm still working towards adding flashes of contrasting fabric but need to keep myself on a fairly tight leash with these 'what ifs'. Though this is as much about proving to myself that I can than for the actual outcome. That said, a gleam of an idea has been scribbled on the back of an envelope for using the blue stripes from a previous post!

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